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What is a Schedule of Condition?

A schedule of Condition is a detailed recording of a property’s condition at a point in time which is usually retained for future reference /use.

A condition report will include a detailed written tabular schedule in which the form of construction and condition of each building element, alongside a corresponding photographic record.

When do you need a Schedule of Condition?

Most importantly at the beginning of a lease, but further versions can be created during, or at the end, of lease when comparing the condition at different points in time.

Why do you need a Schedule of Condition?

The main purpose of a detailed photograph and text report is to give a fair, first-hand insight into the condition of a property. Prepared under the instruction of a landlord, a tenant, a contractor, or an employer, the document is used to identify changes in the condition of a property.

A condition report is often used to manage a Tenant’s repairing obligations as per the terms of the lease. It can be used for all types of property – residential, commercial, and rural. It can also be used in relation to dilapidations claims, party wall issues, legal settlements, etc.

How does a Schedule of Condition protect both landlord and tenant?

As a Schedule of Condition acts as photographic and written evidence of the state of the property at the time the lease is granted, it protects both the landlord and tenant when considering who is responsible for repairs to the property.

This means both the tenant’s repair obligations in the lease, as well as the Schedule of Condition, can be referred to in instances of damage or repair to a property. A Schedule of Condition acts as evidence of the state of repair, condition, and decoration of a property at a single point in time.

Require a Schedule of Condition?

To discuss a Schedule of Condition for your property or a new lease, contact us at / 01308 426 471

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