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A Building Survey Level 3 is suitable for all types of buildings but is advised if the property is pre-1850, Listed, in need of extensive repairs or if it is constructed using non-traditional building methods and materials. The service consists of a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds and is more extensive than a Home Survey Level 2. Concealed areas normally opened or used by the occupiers are inspected if it is safe to do so. Although the services are not tested, they are observed in normal operation. The report objectively describes the form of construction and materials used for different parts of the property and their condition. It provides an assessment of the relative importance of the defects/problems. Additionally, it will describe the identifiable risk of potential or hidden defects in areas not inspected and propose the most probable cause of the defects, based on the inspection; outline the likely scope of any appropriate remedial work and explain the likely consequences of non-repair; make general recommendations in respect of the priority and likely timescale for necessary work. A full description of the service is given in the Terms of Engagement and Scope of Work which your surveyor will provide.

The Building Survey Level 3 report is fully compliant with RICS Home Survey Standard (as required by 1st September 2021).

A Building Survey Level 3 (formerly known as a Structural Survey) is a comprehensive inspection and report carried out by Ian Vicary, a fully qualified and experienced member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  It provides a full picture of the construction and condition. It is an in depth report that examines all aspects of the property, including:

  • Detailed description of the structure and main components,
  • Diagnosis and details of defects and remedial options,
  • Details of suspected defects with advice for investigation and repair,
  • Points for your legal adviser to check,
  • Other relevant considerations concerning safety, locality, environmental considerations,
  • Colour photos of defects to illustrate shortcomings,
  • Additional services can be organised such as further intrusive investigations or a valuation.
A building survey from Wessex Surveyors will give you peace of mind when investing in listed property
Building surveys are appropriate for more unusual or older properties

Purchasing a newer property? A HomeSurvey Level 2 might be more cost effective…

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