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South Somerset Surveyors

Wessex Surveyors provide a full range of property advice in South Somerset, including:

Cheddar Gorge in Somerset
The stunning Cheddar Gorge in Somerset

Somerset is a beautiful place to live and work. A rural county in the south west of England, full of rolling hillsides and rugged moorland, Somerset has it all. From the beautiful countryside of the Mendips and the Blackdown Hills in the south, to the varied landscape of Exmoor National Park in the north, Somerset is within easy reach of transport links, such as the M5 motorway, and regular train services to Bristol, London, South Wales, Cornwall and Devon.

For over a thousand years, ham stone has adorned buildings throughout Somerset. This characterful stone, recognisable by its warm hues and furrowed appearance, is still used to build housing today, in conservation areas.

The county includes Britain’s biggest gorge, Cheddar Gorge, with its dramatic cliffs and stunning stalactite caves. The South West Coast Path, a popular walkers’ route, starts at Minehead and traces the coastline to Somerset’s western border with Devon. Somerset’s largest town is the county town of Taunton, in the south of the county. It lies just a short distance from the M5, connecting the county with Bristol and beyond.

Agriculture remains one of the main industries in Somerset which is famous for the production of cheese, notably Cheddar. Tourism is also important, with popular seaside towns such as Minehead and Burnham-on-Sea, as well as the historic city of Wells and Cheddar Caves. Glastonbury hosts the largest outdoor music festival in the world.

Wessex Surveyors are with you every step of the way, providing impartial, honest, quality advice on building surveys, property valuations, planning and property management.

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