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A number of Housing Associations offered schemes which enabled the first time buyer to get on the property ladder by part buying and part renting. You may have purchased any percentage of the total value from 40% upwards. These schemes normally allow you to purchase more shares in the property up to 100% as and when your circumstances allow. This process is commonly referred to as “Staircasing”. If the property value has risen sufficiently then a re-mortgage of the property will often be sufficient to allow more shares to be acquired. Before staircasing can take place an accredited RICS Valuation will need to be submitted to the Housing Association and a price agreed with them.

We have already provided many valuations in the approved format to various Housing Associations including:-

Guinness Trust

These associations require a Valuation Report based on certain assumptions and in a certain format. This must be carried out by a RICS accredited Registered Valuer. Ian Vicary, who will carry out the valuation, is regulated by RICS and has many years’ experience in residential, commercial and rural property matters in Dorset, East Devon and Somerset.

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