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Updated 27th May 2020 - In line with Government guidance we are back at our office in South Street. Ian is carrying out surveys and valuations etc in line with our Covid-19 Health & Safety policy - please call us for more information.
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We can provide expert witness reports and independent expert advice at any stage of a dispute. We will attempt to assist in settling a dispute before it ends up in court, when all too often the professional fees and other costs, both financial and emotional, will outweigh the benefit of any settlement.

Where a dispute cannot be resolved locally, we are able to give evidence in Court, to the Lands Tribunal or at Arbitration. We will ensure we have all the background information to the case, so we can confidently present your case under cross examination.

  • Boundaries

    We can produce accurate site surveys and advise on the correct position of legal boundaries. We regularly produce plans for use by solicitors in land transfers and for registration of land interests at The Land Registry.

  • Party Wall Act

    We can provide advice regarding works to party walls. As a registered member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, we keep up to date with protocol on party wall matters.

  • Property Valuation

    We regularly prepare formal valuations for solicitors, as expert witness in resolving disputes.

  • Building Disputes

    We are able to retrospectively assess the condition, quality and cost of building works. We regularly act for disgruntled customers where they fear they have been misled or overcharged by trades people. Was your property built in accordance with building regulations?

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